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Helpful Substance Abuse Prevention & Education in Washington, DC

Learn more about DWI and DUI laws at Next Step, in Washington, DC. Our rehab facility provides a substance abuse prevention and education program to inform individuals of the consequences of driving while intoxicated or under the influence.

DWI/DUI Prevention & Education Page

In most states, a DWI/DUI charge will result in the requirement that the defendant participate in a program ranging from drug/alcohol education to outpatient treatment; the length of stay and specific program requirements vary from state to state. People come to The Next Step program for drug/alcohol prevention/education when they live/work in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and have a DWI/DUI charge locally, are a D.C. area resident and have been arrested/convicted of a DWI/DUI charge while visiting another state, or are a primary resident of another state and are temporarily working or attending school in the District of Columbia.

The Next Step’s drug/alcohol program consists of an initial assessment and 12 hours of DUI/DWI educational programming conducted in two-hour segments, once weekly, for a period of six weeks; however, if this does not meet the requirements of your jurisdiction, The Next Step can design a customized program that meets the specifications outlined in your court-order or case disposition, such as additional DUI/DWI education sessions beyond the 12 provided and/or individual and group counseling services.

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The primary goal of The Next Step’s DWI/DUI program is for the participant to become aware that the use of drugs and alcohol rules out driving a car while under the influence. There are no exceptions to this rule, no special circumstances, and no safe level of intoxication. Secondly, all participants are guided through an examination of their own reasons for using alcohol or other mood altering drugs so that they are able to arrive at an informed decision about their own actual or possible abuse and/or dependence.

Upon successful completion of the program, The Next Step will provide a certificate of attendance and any other documentation needed to verify compliance to the referring court or agency.

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